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Now, more than ever, it is critical to choose a medical school that fits your values as a future physician. admission office nest takes its responsibility seriously for students to explore their interests at campuses positioned in unique communities around the Georgia.To train healers who embody excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and cooperation.

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Student’s reviews

Siddhi Bhat

I still remember that day I landed at the Tbilisi airport and unknowingly met some of the people who
would have a lasting impact on my life. From the beginning, we were greeted by friendly faces
and I felt at ease. During orientation, my questions were answered and I learned where I would
go to class, where I would live, where I would eat but I was still curious. Would I adapt to my
new environment or would I just spend my time being homesick? I want to thansk a lot to thr Admission Office Nest...

Bunty Shah (bunty)

I have had a wonderful journey in pursuing my dream of becoming a physician. Joining the six year program in the university, I started off in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was a culture shock at first, but I settled in quickly with the help of other students. In that time, I learned so much! It was a big move for me at the age of 18, but a great opportunity to become independent. It was a great atmosphere to study, yet also to enjoy the European lifestyle. Learning of the opportunity to do clinical rotations in the Georgia, The
University was a pleasant surprise. The class sizes were smaller which improved teacher student contact and learning. The Georgian people were warm and welcoming, and very hospitable for the most part.

DrKamal Sharma

Thanks a lot, to Ketino Mam and Nest Company!
The challenge of an international medical student is not only are you starting medical
school, you are preparing for life in a country you know little about. So like anyone, I was
nervous and anxious about the whole adventure. Nevertheless, I was excited about the
opportunity to immerse myself in a new country and culture, and study medicine at the same

Narasimha Reddy Karnati

Coming from high school, I was amazed at how the curriculum of the 6 year program was tailored to have the perfect transition from pre-med courses to the more difficult medical courses. I felt like In University engineered a superb schedule for the 6 year program designed to incrementally challenge the student year after year, while building up not only knowledge but confidence as well. During my time in Georgia, I had developed such meaningful relationships with my professors, that I still keep in contact with many of them today. Greitful to Ketino mam to the director of admission office nest.

Akshata Daule


Student housing was exceptional, and close to the main teaching hospital. Although most of the day was spent in classes, the majority of learning happened by studying on your own. We had time to relax and to travel, which was the best part of studying abroad.

DrChetan Singh Dagur

 At the end of 2018, I completed my clinical rotations in Tbilisi and in March,
I matched into a residency program. Medical University of Batumi helpme fulfill my dream, the programmed in which I matched was my first choice. I am fulfilling my
long-term goal and am forever grateful to Admission Nest Company for extending me the priceless gift of medical education.

Ishita Pardeshi

Pursuing a career in Medicine has been a dream of mine. However, I would have never
imagined that this path would lead me to Georgia. As I reflect to that short time spent in this country, I
am even more grateful for the wonderful opportunity that the admission office nest and
Medical University has provided.

Deepesh Kumar Burdak

As quickly as I was at ease with the education provided, I felt just as comfortable adjusting to
life in Georgia. We had assistance for anything that we needed, whether it was as simple as how
to order a Indian mess. Nest company bring for us best indian cook. Ketino mam was alwais care about studenst feeling to be at home.